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Pretty sweet

It sounded sick but i think you need to give some more bass on this one to make it sound fuller. and also i think an abnoxios jungle beat would sound like the shit on this one you should try that :)

STU-PIDASO responds:

ooo good idea with the jungle beat...
time for a remake, of the remake

pretty cool

I liked the drum beat, kinda reminded me of kisliv in xeno gears i dunno why though. probly cause the darky feeling :) nice though. mabye you should add hella awsome piano instead of the string cause then it would sound smooth. i would hella like that :)

STU-PIDASO responds:

well, i guess i should hella try that...hella.
i can definitely see some arpeggiated piano work inthis song.


Im diggin it. it sounds funky and im not bored through the whole thing. I also like the hella like 8-bit music style. sick

STU-PIDASO responds:

thanks man.

i seem to do alot of 8bit sounds...but i love the sound of 8 bit!


it was funny because i hella imagined spears doing the robot. I cant give originality cause its a remake. and it gets a bit gritty also so clarity is a odd. but i found it fun to listen to. :) it made me happy

STU-PIDASO responds:

well, thanks...
i didn't really expect i good score..i was just messing around.

but hey any score above a 5 is more than i wished for..

thanks for the review


Damn the bass and beat in this one are so damn sick. I love it seriosly. Ill probably listen to it all the time. Heres a great score for someo9ne who deserves it. ill look forward to your next submission. plz message me when you put something else up.

PrototypeRaptor responds:

Wow, that was fast. Thanks for the compliments - I'll definitely try to get the word out when I have something else coming. -PR

Fruity loops?

It sounds like you just put a back beat to some sytrus premade loops on fruity loops...and actually i know that that is a drum loop too...congruent or something

I like...but its not original at all

R0tt3n-Appl3 responds:

it IS congruent, and i made this back when i was no veteran of FL. you dont need to blam the originality though, it ruins my ratings. just listen to the song and forget about all the other crap

If your reading this, you have probably stumbled upon this page by accident or you seriously have no life. Because I have no life :) jk Any whose...This is it :) most likely only music will come out of me :) bye now!

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