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How can no one see the irony

Hes saying that hes stupid for making a flash based on video game jokes when hes the one who made pheonix wrong...I seriously find that funny and a worthwhile joke.
uggg people are retarded.


but you get downgraded for spelling because wrong XDDDDD

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alexander you dont understand the humor...god people are really dense on newgrounds somtimes. just like when people thought ashford pride making fun of the awsome series was heart felt XD JOKE!

really cool

I had only one problem...the music starts over again in between scenes. i love it thoug, i just had to turn the sound off XD

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You almost have it. the changes are nice. but here is my constructive critisism. The simple two chord change gets very repetative after a while. A lot of powerful saw synths are used. it sounds nice but it is a bit too much. The bass is a little less powerful compar4ed to the rest of the song also.

But I think that you can make a sick remix. Ive heard some that are god awful and this one actually made me listen to all of it :) feel special lol.

X-otiC responds:

haha alright
thx for the contructive critisism
it always helps


This would really benefit some drums,

and the bass is out of sync

and erm its the same synth over and over.

try to fiddle with the program or try to maybe remake some other peoples things until you get the hang of what a great song should sound like.

Im not trying to sound harsh but this sounds like something an 8 year old did on their key board.

but hey I started out worse XD so just keep at it.


Amazing XD i cant stop cracking up when i hear this XD

e991e responds:

haha, i know!

If your reading this, you have probably stumbled upon this page by accident or you seriously have no life. Because I have no life :) jk Any whose...This is it :) most likely only music will come out of me :) bye now!

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