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truly inspirational

I was aimlessly wandering the boards until i came across this beauty. It has been 2 hours now and im still listening to this on repeat. At first I swear it brought a tear to my eye it was so full of emotion. Im not being an ass or trying to be sarcastic.
I can feel happiness, I can feel pain, I feel like im longing for something that I miss very much. I dont know why this song hit me so hard, I feel so calm. You have opened my musical door of inspiration. (corny I know but its true) You have made a truly inspirational piece. And i never cry. Thanks for finding my happy place for me :)


i thought it had a sweet lion king feel to it. make it into a song man this would sound tight. it loops like a split second fast though


im hella diggen the basa nova style of this keep it up

pretty sweet

I love the choice of synth and what not. the begining was the only part that was a little repetative. but i thought it was sweet


not bad but not the best.

It would have sonded a lot better if you didnt render it too loud. every thing is distorted and it kinda hurts my ears. just lower the levels and then you have a cool song.

erm ... its so obvious its Fl

be more creative and make your own pads and sounds and stuff. and try to keep a beat. i know its fun using pre mades but it sounds so generic and well the voices get really annoying quick.

And this isnt house i dont think if any thing trance or ambience. Dont worry though. I mislabeled songs too when I first started. just get used to the program before you try to make some great song.

that was annoying sorta lol

erms I think any one can just use premade sound pads and vocals with a clap. the laugh at the begining made me laugh though. I guess it was a good try for a first song but try to be more consistant and actually hold a beat. this sounds more like a ambience peice than house.

I think it could have been much better. it just kind of got annoying. try to ad a hi hat or something at least.

I can tell your creative. so keep working at it ok.


I saw the name and i thought this song was going to suck but i hella love the remix lol nice touch with the bass and stuff. good job. and the begining sounded exactly like the original

snayk responds:

I'm glad you enjoyed it :D

Yeah, my covers tend to sound a lot like the originals. I actually was listening to the original while I was making the intro, to make sure it sounded extremely similar.

kinda dull

i guess it would be cool for like a selection screen in a game or something but it was really lacking any type of feel. like... i dont even know what genre to put this in...:/ try harder then like 10 minutes.

reminds me of kid chameleon

pretty sweet. I thought it had a good feel to it. like a some what hard style thing :) the bass was sweet. the poppy slap bass part sounded a bit over powering though and I think you should have switched up the song bit too. it got a little repetative. although I admire the fact that the bass is this loudish without too much distortion. pretty good job. I enjoyed this track a lot.

please check out my stuff . i need some feed back too :) see ya later

If your reading this, you have probably stumbled upon this page by accident or you seriously have no life. Because I have no life :) jk Any whose...This is it :) most likely only music will come out of me :) bye now!

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