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You almost have it. the changes are nice. but here is my constructive critisism. The simple two chord change gets very repetative after a while. A lot of powerful saw synths are used. it sounds nice but it is a bit too much. The bass is a little less powerful compar4ed to the rest of the song also.

But I think that you can make a sick remix. Ive heard some that are god awful and this one actually made me listen to all of it :) feel special lol.

X-otiC responds:

haha alright
thx for the contructive critisism
it always helps


Amazing XD i cant stop cracking up when i hear this XD

e991e responds:

haha, i know!


It sucks but yet it rules sooo much XD i feel really happy listening to this :) 5/5!!!

e991e responds:

LOL, don't you just?!!

I love it

I voted 5/5 9/10. The only thing that I could want more is a more apparent bass. I love the ddr song. one of my favorites.
but yes. the beat and every thing worked very well and It didnt leave me bored like most of the songs on newgrounds XD the fade out was cool too :) try adding a boost in bass and see what happens. i think it would sound richer. good job! :)

DJsohlinyin responds:

With the program i am using right now, it is hard to add clear and strong bass..... I will try to add in much more bass after i get a new composing software.


I liked it , but i think you need to try a bit better on the vocals they sounded wavery most of the time but i think it has really great potential

ericdrebin responds:

Thank you. I agree. The criticism I get the most is pertaining to the quality of my vocals and the lack of strength behind them. I am probably going to re-do the vocals on this track and then re-post it. I appreciate your response.


I liked it. it has a grungey feel to it pretty gritty I LIKE!!!

DJ-Prodigy responds:

I am very glad that you liked it.
Thank you for review!!!


I saw the name and i thought this song was going to suck but i hella love the remix lol nice touch with the bass and stuff. good job. and the begining sounded exactly like the original

snayk responds:

I'm glad you enjoyed it :D

Yeah, my covers tend to sound a lot like the originals. I actually was listening to the original while I was making the intro, to make sure it sounded extremely similar.

Pretty sweet

It sounded sick but i think you need to give some more bass on this one to make it sound fuller. and also i think an abnoxios jungle beat would sound like the shit on this one you should try that :)

STU-PIDASO responds:

ooo good idea with the jungle beat...
time for a remake, of the remake

pretty cool

I liked the drum beat, kinda reminded me of kisliv in xeno gears i dunno why though. probly cause the darky feeling :) nice though. mabye you should add hella awsome piano instead of the string cause then it would sound smooth. i would hella like that :)

STU-PIDASO responds:

well, i guess i should hella try that...hella.
i can definitely see some arpeggiated piano work inthis song.


Im diggin it. it sounds funky and im not bored through the whole thing. I also like the hella like 8-bit music style. sick

STU-PIDASO responds:

thanks man.

i seem to do alot of 8bit sounds...but i love the sound of 8 bit!

If your reading this, you have probably stumbled upon this page by accident or you seriously have no life. Because I have no life :) jk Any whose...This is it :) most likely only music will come out of me :) bye now!

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