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pretty cool

I liked the trancey techno style of it. it was kind of a hybrid. the only problem i had with it is the melody is really repetative. like the three note climb of the main melody. it should have dropped out a little sooner. great use of FL if im not mistaken. over all i thought the song was pretty friggen cool.

You should check out my stuff...lol i made a song right before this one go look and tell me what you think please. im begging for attention here lol


I liked the sounds but they seem to jump out at you a bit too much some times. I digged the way you made the water sounds with the beat near the end. that was sick. overall i liked it. keep it up.

I gave a 4

I thought it was pretty sweet. I liked the japaneese ish part in the middle. :)


I liked it the beeps were a bit loud though. you should have brought up the pads in the back. also, you should add some variety to the beats.


the slap bass and the kick were a bit poppy to me. and the volume should be more intune to everything else. it seems sporadic after a while

more BASS!!!!

I like all of your music so far...excpet the thrash lol but ive turned the bass all the way up on my comp and i dunno...your music doesnt sound as full as it should. i think like just a basic trance 4/4 beat would put so much into this. I kinda want to remix it though. i might out of boredom

Best so far again lol

I thought this one was kick ass:) no complaints. keep it near this tempo. the thrash one was too much :)


kinda too fast and the hats were so repetative. make it less chipmunkish

not as good as the other but cool

it was cool but the synth sounded to orcish or like dark for me. and i think you should speed it up.

one of your best so far that ive listened

i like it. i could go to sleep while listening to this. no complaints really.

If your reading this, you have probably stumbled upon this page by accident or you seriously have no life. Because I have no life :) jk Any whose...This is it :) most likely only music will come out of me :) bye now!

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